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We are dancemakers, story tellers, and thinkers, seeking to raise the profile of modern dance in D.C. Through collaboration and performance, we challenge our bodies and minds to create meaningful art that evokes emotion and makes audiences think. We value a collective process that draws together people from diverse artistic backgrounds. We are Glade Dance Collective.

Mine/Field 2017
Digital Program Extras

Photo by  Rob Cannon .

Photo by Rob Cannon.

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Mine/Field encourages you to protect yourself — and vulnerable communities you may be connected to — because no one else will do it for you! (Additionally we ask you to consider your actions online as seriously as you may consider your IRL ones.) 

Tips from our very own stage manager (who works in digital security)

  1. Backup your data (CrashPlan)
  2. Block ads (AdBlock Plus)*
  3. Install anti-virus software and keep it up to date (Avast)
  4. Keep software up to date
  5. Always use HTTPS (HTTPS Everywhere)
  6. Protect yourself from tracking (Privacy Badger)
  7. Encrypt your devices, use a lock screen on your phone, use multi-factor authentication (more info below [on mobile] or to the right [on desktop])
  8. Use better passwords (XKCD, LastPass)
  9. Tape over your webcam (or use a BandAid)

*Our journalism analyst feels compelled to add: UNLESS you want your real news sites to actually make money and keep doing journalism, yknow.

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Photos by Rob Cannon, Creeseworks, and Bossi.

Glade Dance Collective


Brenda Atkins is our fearless first guest! We thank her, even though she was not able to perform with us this run. 

Congratulations to these local Minnesota movers who hit the ground running with one workshop and two rehearsals under their belt: 

  • Robert Bormon
  • Rebecca Stewart
  • Ashley Stock
  • Alec Trelstad
  • Kelsey Peterson
  • Alan Tse

my identity is mine
                                             mine the data
                                    mine field
                                           field of dreams
work in the field
                                               field the question

Glade appreciates




Financial donors

We are grateful to contacts on the ground in Minneapolis that helped us with props!

  • Missy Beal and her tree rack
  • Sue Halvorson and her gorgeous baskets
  • Kat Cantner, who graciously drove us around to many hip locations, explained to us the ways of Minnesotans, and helped us wrangle props

Thank you so much for friends and family – near and far! – to support Glade bringing dance that matters to a wider audience. 

  • Rafael Caraballo
  • Catherine Dooling
  • Rafael Caraballo
  • Todd Harris
  • Isaiah Nelson
  • Sonia Kessler
  • Russell Sheaffer
  • Debra Cohen
  • Dave & Peg Borchard
  • Katie Flynn
  • Anne Thiel
  • Deany Merlis
  • Meghan McCormick
  • Rob & Erica Dozier
  • Rafael Caraballo
  • Marilyn Green
  • Brandi Long
  • Pat McWilliams
  • Chuck diGiacomantonio
  • Sarah Chu
  • Katie O'Dowd
  • Sean Sobash
  • Linda Wilkerson
  • Rafael Caraballo
  • Phil & Judy Bishop
  • Emily Schwend
  • Randy Abramsom
  • Amity Pope
  • Sima Jafari
  • MaryJo Harakal
  • Kristine Sheppard
  • Emily Crews
  • Nicole McClam
  • Margaret Riddle
  • Margaret Riddle
  • David Borchard
  • Matthew Borchard
  • Sara Fought
  • Sima Jafari
  • Kathleen Matysik
  • Rachel Otis
  • Amanda Finney
  • Catherine Hooper
  • Joy Mendis
  • Jinfei Cai
  • Shahar Golden
  • Elisabeth Mendis
  • Enrique Cobas
  • Kelley Glenn
  • Mary Pulleyn Shelton
  • Salvatore Benvenga

Original Mine/Field Artists

Special thanks to Alysha Bedig, Olivia Goldberg, and Jessica Hoversen for being a part of the collective process for Mine/Field. Glade is grateful to Kevin Kuchar for his artistic feedback. Debra Cohen is our best promotional idea-generator, and we thank her for spearheading #TeamStalk for our 2015 premiere. 


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Background image by Rob Cannon.