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Thank you for joining us at Mine/Field at Capital Fringe Festival!

Mine/Field photo by Rob Cannon

Photos by Rob Cannon

Audiences said:

"It made me want to change all my passwords."

"My first data-driven dance experience and I loved it."

" The dancers are hungry for more data whether you want to give it up or not." -- D.C. Metro Theater Arts

"It truly felt and looked like the inner workings of a computer/the web."

" A performance that is surprisingly intimate and relevant while shedding new light on Internet research." -- D.C. Theatre Scene

"Very well produced."

" All your data are belong to Glade..." -- Washington City Paper

Mine/Field photo by Rob Cannon

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Up next:

Audition for Glade on Sept. 20, 2015. Time & location to be announced soon.

NACHMO 2016 will kick off in December 2015. Stay tuned for more!

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