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We are dancemakers, story tellers, and thinkers, seeking to raise the profile of modern dance in D.C. Through collaboration and performance, we challenge our bodies and minds to create meaningful art that evokes emotion and makes audiences think. We value a collective process that draws together people from diverse artistic backgrounds. We are Glade Dance Collective.

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Music & dance collide: rogue collective

we all just get to be artists together, with no boundaries
— Kaitlin Moreno, rogue collective

rogue collective, in many ways, is the musician twin to Glade. 

Dedicated to exploring "the gap" between classical music and its culture, rogue collective describes themselves as from the newest generation of conservatory trained musicians. Glade considers itself the newest generation of art-makers!

rogue values collaboration, original composition, improvisation and performance. These four elements feature prominently in Glade's work

Musicians Kaitlin Moreno, Alexa Cantalupo, Troy Pyror, and Erin Snedecor believe in the power of collaboration and unconventional programming to help to bring the sounds, expressions and timbres of classical music to more audiences.

Erin Snedecore in Spontaneous Emergence. Photo by Rob Cannon.

rogue has lots of experience working with dancers and movers. They explained to us how it is different than collaborating with other musicians.

"The nature of how dance is made and shared is so different than music. We rarely encounter music performers who also create (compose) their own works, but in any dance education creation is part of the deal," Kaitlin said. 

"As a result of this different training, dancers rehearse in a much different way than musicians. rogue collective loves collaborating with dancers because then we get to create too! In the end we all just get to be artists together, with no boundaries in our way."

Glade is excited to see rogue perform at this Tuesday, April 12 at the Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan! Join us!

See a short snippet of rogue performing in Betsy Loikow's and Shannon Dooling's Spontaneous Emergence.

Music & dance collide: John Lee

I love improvising with dancers.
— John Lee

John Lee is the composer for Sylvana Christopher's suite of dances - Harvest Moon, Simmer and Fish out of Water. This three dances will premiere all together for the first time at Voices of the Glade @ Dance Place May 7-8

2016 marks the sixth year Glade has collaborated with John. Back in 2010, Glade used his song, "Chinese Reggae," in District. Defined?, which represents a day in the life of our D.C., and exclusively uses music from D.C.-based composers.

But John is more than just a collaborator - he's also the life partner of Glade co-founder and choreographer Sylvana Christopher. They have a 6-month baby boy, Jasper.

John Lee performs with dancers in Sylvana Christohper's Harvest Moon. Photos and videos in this post by Rob Cannon.

John reflects on working with dancers

"Most of the time there is a new creative excitement bringing together two unique art forms. I feel a new creative energy towards performing and creating with dancers and choreographers.

"But I also find it a challenge to communicate using language. The terminology in the dance and music world have different meanings for some words and terms commonly used within both. Musicians too have a very hard time directing others of different instruments. I think that musicians could learn a great deal by taking some dance classes and dancers could learn by studying music.

Performed at "Emotion in Motion", the 2016 Gallaudet Spring Concert. Music by John Lee. Videography by Rob Cannon.

"I love improvising with dancers the most. I get fed with so many ideas when we are both making up in the moment. Its an easy way for me to compose."

See and hear John play

Join Gladies and other fans of John when we go to see him play! Upcoming opportunities: 

And now you can move with his music like Glade does! John improvises at Dance Exchange during their Takoma Park MOVES series on Saturday mornings 10 - 11:30am. John is accompanying the class on April 8 and April 16. 

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