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We are dancemakers, story tellers, and thinkers, seeking to raise the profile of modern dance in D.C. Through collaboration and performance, we challenge our bodies and minds to create meaningful art that evokes emotion and makes audiences think. We value a collective process that draws together people from diverse artistic backgrounds. We are Glade Dance Collective.

Mine/Field perspectives: The Collector

In Mine/Field, Lauren Borchard plays The Collector. Read about her perspective on the subject tackled in Mine/Field, then see it Aug. 3 - 10 at Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Lauren Borchard, as The Collector, displays our data. Photo by  Rob Cannon .

Lauren Borchard, as The Collector, displays our data. Photo by Rob Cannon.


"So Fringe is one of my very favorite things about D.C., art, summer, theater, dance. and community. I performed in the first Capital Fringe more than 10 years ago, and I was delighted that Glade continues to participate in Fringe Festivals–this year for the first time in Minnesota! The big question: what would we do? Could we be true to both Glade and the spirit of Fringe?

Back in 2014, Glade decided to find a topic for our new dance by asking our friends, fans, and strangers to suggest topics. As we voted different suggestions up or down the list, I was disappointed to see one dealing with national security and data collection making its way higher and higher. It sounded wonky, dull, and uncomfortable to me–I prefer to hide some of my data as much as I can, and I’m wasn’t sure where I stood on some of the bigger issues. What’s more, I wasn’t interested in devoted precious dance time to figuring it out.

Then we started work. And I volunteered to lead a rehearsal or two. So I needed a way in, and I started thinking about my internet browsing. I considered the times when keeping a secret is vitally important, and the times when it’s even more important to broadcast a secret to the world, empowering the speaker and possibly neutralizing the secret’s potential to damage or hurt the speaker or his/her peers. Often these moments relate to illness or abuse, and victims can become survivors when they broadcast their experiences.

We all have secrets. We are generally bad at keeping them (hence the popularity of Post Secret). What are your secrets? Which secrets will Glade tell, and which will we keep? Check out the show to find out! And while you’re there, don’t forget to tell us your secrets.

I’m immensely proud of the work that Glade has produced and can’t wait to share it with the world! But I still don’t like sharing my data, and I’m not sure that my positions on data collection and national security have gained much clarity or consistency. I’m just glad to have been part of the process and the finished product!"

-- Original post on Tumblr from 2015.


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Background image by Rob Cannon.