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We are dancemakers, story tellers, and thinkers, seeking to raise the profile of modern dance in D.C. Through collaboration and performance, we challenge our bodies and minds to create meaningful art that evokes emotion and makes audiences think. We value a collective process that draws together people from diverse artistic backgrounds. We are Glade Dance Collective.

Voices from the Glade: Sylvana Christopher

At Voices from the Glade, you'll dive in to the creative mind of Glade's choreographers and their recent pieces. Buy your tickets now!

Sylvana Christopher collaborated with her partner, composer and guitarist John Lee, to create three dances - Harvest Moon, Simmer, and Fish out of Water - which are the beginnings of a larger evening-length work. Read more from John's perspective.

Harvest Moon photo by Rob Cannon.

Notes from a Voices from the Glade choreographer: 

John and I met many moons ago and continue to make art together, but our latest and greatest production is our son Jasper. 

The act of collaborating with a musician is beautiful thing for me as a choreographer. It stimulates healthy conversation about the meaning of art and the particular influence each discipline has on each other. 

Knowing the savvy Washingtonian audiences we entertain requires integrated, thought-provoking work. Whether theatrical, socio-political, auto-biographical, hyper-futuristic or just plain abstract, the uniting factor is we practice performing arts and it's important to consider where we have been and how far we have come in our understanding of the role of performing arts in our day-to-day lives. 

I'm super grateful to Glade members for their support as well as my friends and family for their encouragement for this project.

Simmer photograph by Rob Cannon.

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